Ourani: Cave Crawl

You are a thylodragon, a small creature native to the planet Ourani. You were foraging around for edible mushrooms one day, looking for a particularly delicious sort to bring back to your mate.

You stumbled upon the wide mouth of a cave. It is very dark... what could be inside? Maybe you'll find the mushrooms you're looking for...

How to play:

Explore each floor of the cave, climbing down staircases to progress. The goal: try to reach the final floor of the cave. The cave is mysterious and mazelike...

Beware of enemies - you can fight, or try to flee! Use items to help you survive (careful - some are helpful, some are dangerous), and eat food to keep yourself from starving.

If you die, you will have to start over at level one. Be cautious and manage your resources wisely!

Good luck!

	Y   K   U      I: Inventory
	 \  |  /       P: Pickup Item
	  \ | /	       S: Take Stairs
	H -- -- L      Z: Wait 1 Turn
	  / | \
	 /  |  \
	B   J   N



Welcome to the cave!
Good luck!